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Anymeta Release 14 apr 2010

Release 4.12.9

This weeks release contains some fixes related to profile settings. Another thing in this update is the optimization of the MailingList Module.

(The numbers you find behind the changes are the numbers that we give to a fix, and are used as our reference.)

Profile settings

  • For users who had never changed the trust setting in their preferences, the wrong setting were displayed. The default setting are now shown correctly again (#6276)
  • The types NOMAIL and NOCONTACT will not appear in the chapeau of persons anymore. Both types are set to not important at setup (#6256)
  • The website of organisations on eventpages did not always work, this problem has been solved by saving the information in the correct url-field (#5655)


  • We've done an optimazation of the MailingList Module. The number of retry attempts default is set to 20 times. Previously the default setting was 200, causing an almost endless queue with attempts to re-send a mailing (#6314)
  • We're preparing a new queuing system to replace our old one. It's called Gearman and it's used for instance when sending out mailings or Open-CI updates. When Gearman is not configured, we will make sure we can fallback to the old queue implementation (#6313)