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Anymeta Release 13 Oct 2010

Release 4.14.20

This week we improved the Contact and the Forum module and we fixed a couple of minor bugs.

(The numbers behind the updates are numbers that we assign to a fix. They are used for our reference only.)

Contact module

  • Some work has been done on the "double contacts" problem. The accidental double clicking on the "make contact" button has been addressed. This mostly occurred in systems with slow Internet connections on and (#7248)

Person edit page

  • We reset the default value for the month of birth from 0 to 1, so the date of birth now is properly saved in Safari. (#7247)

Forum module

  • The caption of the image did not show when uploading a picture to a comment in the forum. This has been fixed

Keywords dialog

  • A javascript error has been fixed which occurred when there were no keywords to choose from. (#7183)

Internet Explorer 9.0

  • The keywords light box froze when trying to add self created keywords; this has been resolved. (#7289)