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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The need-to-knows and nice-to-knows of Anymeta

Do your users experience problems logging in? Do they have doubts about their privacy? Are you an editor and do you want to know more about adding articles, images, and other things? Or do you want to know when the next Anymeta training is? You will likely find the answer to your question here.

Profile/Getting started

Can I use my account to log in on other sites?

Yes, you can log in to any other site in the Open-CI network. Go to Log in and choose the profile you want to use to log in. (read more about the Open-CI network and sites that are connected.)

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter?

With your membership, you'll automatically receive the newsletter. You can change your preference for receiving mailings in the Preferences menu when you are logged in. Select mail settings and tick the box 'Do not send me Mailings'. You can always change this again if you do want to receive mailings again.

How do I make contact with others?

You can contact any other person in the network by clicking the Make contact button on their profile. You can indicate your relationship to that person in the dialogue box.
tip: manage your contact requests through the Contacts button in the menu bar.

Become a fan.

If you like something on a website, like an article, event or person, you can show it by clicking the I like it button. There is a list on your profile with all the things you like. read more

Can I comment on anything?

It is possible to comment on almost everything on the website. To do this, use the comment form on the bottom of a page. lees verder
tip: go to My contributions in the menu bar to see an overview of all the things you contributed to the site. Here you will also see the comments you posted.

What is social bookmarking?

With the social media buttons above an article, event, or blog, you can share things from the website on other social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I bought a ticket, but I didn't get an email to print out?

That's right. You can find your ticket when you are logged in. Go to Shop in the menu bar and select My tickets. Here you will see an overview of your tickets. When you have paid for your ticket, you are automatically added to the participant list of the event.

What is Open-CI?

Open-CI is the system with which Anymeta sites are connected. You can use your account of any of the websites to log in to different sites within the Open-CI network. (read more)

What is an ikTag?

The ikTag is an RFID-application, developed by Mediamatic Lab, which connects the online to the offline world. You can pick up an ikTag for free at Mediamatic and connect it to your profile, or use it to create a new profile.
Use your ikTag at the interactive installations and see the results directly on your profile. (read more)

What can I do with the timeline function on my profile?

Everything you do on the website will have a time stamp. In the new Anymeta versions, it's possible to arrange your profile like a timeline.

I have profiles on different websites. Can I merge them?

If you have profiles on sites within the Open-CI network, you can merge or migrate your profile. here you'll find a short explanation about how to do this.

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Adding things

How do I add an image?

There are different ways to add an image. You can use the new thing wizard or click on the camera-icon and follow the instructions. Every image gets a unique id and page, which means you can easily edit the image and information after you add it. Read more

Where can I upload videos?

You can simply follow the same steps as when you add an image.

I want to add a new article, how can I do that?

You can use the new thing wizard or select New contribution under My contributions in the menu bar. Here you can choose 'create new article' and follow the instructions. Read more

My organisation doesn't yet exist on the site, but I'd like to add it to my profile. What do I do?

Search the organization through your profile. If it doesn't appear in the search results, click the 'add an organization' button. Read more

I want to promote my event through, how can I do that?

Through the open agenda, you can promote your event. Just create an event through My contribution in the menu bar. Read more

I want to upload multiple photos to the website. Do I have to upload them one by one?

No, there is a plugin that allows you to upload a series of photos all at once. You can tag the photos beforehand in a photo program, like iPhoto for example. After that, it's just a matter of getting yourself a cup of coffee while your pictures are uploaded. Read more

New thing wizard?

This is a new feature in sites with Anymeta version 4.15 or higher. It allows you to make new contributions in a few simple steps.

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How can I change the layout of my texts, with bold or italic typography, for example?

On our site, you'll find an overview with all the different layout codes you can use in Anymeta. Read more about Anymeta codes. However, if you are familiar with HTML layout codes, you can use those as well.

Can I place an image in the text?

Yes, you can implement an image in the text. Add an image the same way you would otherwise add an image. In the text, use the code [[ image # ]]. Replace the # with the number of the picture, which is decided by the order you uploaded them. For example, if you want to add one image, you add the image to the page and add the following code in the text where the picture should be: [[ image 01 ]].

What are keywords for?

You can add keywords to enrich the data. It helps to make your page show up in search results and improves the number of relevant context that appears on the side. By adding keywords, your page will show up on other places in the website that are relevant. Read more

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Editorial functions

How do I get an RSVP button for my event?

Your website can be configured to allow users to contribute events. As an editor, you have the extra option of adding an RSVP button to the event. You can do this in the admin, but also when you add a new event in the wizard. Read more

I have two pages that represent the same thing. Can I delete one?

The best thing to do is to merge these pages. This ensures that no information is lost and that all connections remain. Here, you'll find an explanation about merging pages.

What is related content?

This is the information that appears on the right side of a page, based on semantic logic. As an editor, you can use keywords to effectively manage the related content that appears. Read more about keywords.

I want to decide what information appears on the right side. Is that possible?

For some pages, you can decide to add fixed content, to make sure a certain page always shows up as related content on the right side. You can create a set in which all setmember will appear as context. Read more about fixed context.

When do I use theme navigation?

For special events or parts of an organization that use their own navigation, you can use theme navigation. You can find an example at at Kom je ook?.
To read more about creating your own theme navigation, click here.

My team and I are working on the same project. Can I share documents through the website without others being able to see them?

By adjusting the visibility of articles (for example, only visible for me/for friends/for everybody), your documents are available online, and you can decide who can see them. In the admin, you can turn off findable and matchable to make sure articles do not appear in search results.

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Adding things (administrator)

How do I add things in the admin?

You can add most things, like articles, events, persons, locations, and organisations through the wizard on the website. Log in and go to Contributions. There you'll find the wizards to add content to the website.

There are some things that you cannot add through the wizard. If you want to create a set, blog, or listpublish, you can do this in the admin. Go to the admin, click 'create a new', and select the thing you want to make. Here you'll find more information about adding things in the admin.

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I want to send a mailing, where do I find the addresses?

You can create an address list by making a listpublish with a specific query. For example, you can place all fans of an event in a list, in order to target your mailing to the right people. Read more about listpublishes

How can I make a person into a user?

In the MemberAdministration module, you can change a person's page into a user page. That person will get a password which allows them to access their profile. Read more

Where can I find the statistics of my website?

As an administrator, you can access the statistics of your website by going to the admintools. GoogleAnalytics allows you to see a detailed overview of the activity on your site.


Someone is posting spam messages on the website. Can I stop this?

In the MemberAdministration module, you can mark a person as a spammer and disable them as a member when he/she is sending spam messages. The person can still log in, but will not be able to send messages. Read more about spammers and deleting their messages.

What about copyright?

With Creative Commons you can decide in what ways other people can use your contributions. You can set this for all your contributions at Preferences in the grey menu bar. When you click on the button Creative Commons, you arrive at the copyright settings.

Choose one of the Creative Commons options and click OK to save your settings. Choose Copyright if you don't want to share your contribution, or if you want others to ask for your permission first. Now you have set your Creative Commons for the entire page.

You can also create seperate settings for photographs, for instance. Click on the image and go to Edit this page in the top menu bar. Click the Copyright icon at the top. Now you can choose from different copyright options again. Your choice will only apply to your image.


I want to sign up as an editor for an Anymeta training. Where can I do that?

On the website, you can find all dates for trainings. You can also request a training if you'd like. Read more

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What do weekly updates mean?

Every week, Mediamatic updates Anymeta websites. This keeps the system up to date and helps resolve any problems you might have with a website. Updates do not contain any major changes to websites. Read more about updates.

Feature release, what is that?

A feature release is only done when it is requested and it contains new functionality. New options or features within the website are never added if they were not requested by the client.

Other questions

Are you still having problems, despite the answers on this FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions? Send an e-mail to or ring 020 - 6389901 and we’ll help you.