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Anymeta Release

Release 4.19.13

(The numbers behind the updates are numbers that we assign to a fix. They are used for our reference only.)

 * We implemented more information on our pages for Facebook to grab and incorporate in their posts. The added information contains a title, a description and the Facebook app id. (#10194)

 * The creator and modifier of page was not displayed while it should. We fixed the variable, so they show up again. (#10222)

 * In a listitem of an event, a dash sign is displayed only when there is a date set and a subtitle filled in. (#9684)

 * We cleaned up the Javascript file. (#10181)

 * The common payment-provider settings have been moved out of the Shop checkout adminpage. These settings can now be found in the admintools->Anymeta->Payment settings. These are used by both the Shop module and the Donations module. (#10220)

 * The notification to connect your profile to Facebook won't show up anymore, when the user is already connected to Facebook. (#10211)