Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby...Fields and Thresholds...Doors 2

A N T H O N Y   D U N N E   A N D   F I O N A   R A B Y

F i e l d s   a n d   T h r e s h o l d s

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Our environment today has become a dense field of telecommunicative possibility, a mediational ether made possible through microwaves, optic fibres, cables and networks. Access is gained through phones, faxes, video and desk top computers. Although these technologies offer varying degrees of complexity and subtlety in software, the possibilities offered through their physicality are minimal. A whole range of subtle communicational qualities are lost, qualities that could significantly enrich the experience of technological communication and lift it above mere functionality.


Fields and Thresholds is a design project that attempts to explore an approach to telecommunications that uses a series of spatial and artifactual tools to address the aesthetic and poetic aspects of telecommunication experience within a context of everyday life.

Designs for the senses, in a world of dematerialising technology. We are interested in finding ways of broadening the scope of telecommunications to include non-verbal forms of expression. Not so much facial expression and gesture, but subtle uses of space and distance, and almost subliminal environmental qualities that help to express cultural difference.

V G I   F u n d i n g

It is only because of support from the Netherlands Design Institute that we were able to set an agenda that attempts to reposition telecommunications within a broader cultural context, where performance and efficiency are secondary to cultural and social enrichment and diversity.


I n f l u e n c i n g   F a c t o r s

In approaching this project we took into consideration four main areas of investigation:

* electromagnetic climates and ambient presence
* tele-proxemics
* thresholds
* new tools


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