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Prices & Subscriptions

Mediamatic Magazine will henceforth be published on the World Wide Web and on cd-rom. Mediamatic will continue to distribute cd-roms made by artists and designers. As a subscriber you will be able to see special projects on cd-rom more often than in past years - projects that would be almost impossible to find any other way. We will also continue to distribute these cd-roms through magazine distributors. You will also find the rest of the magazine on the cd-rom, as an archival copy of our website.

The last issue in print is The Printed Issue. If you'd like to receive the current Printed issue, including the bluesy cd-rom [small world] by Florian Thalhofer) or decide to subscribe, use the following order forms: The Netherlands, Europe or Outside Europe.

The website is the place where we will combine our editorial efforts in the future. No longer in the form of a sporadically appearing quality journal, but much more regularly than before. At the moment we are hard at work building a renewed site with weekly updates. Besides articles, visual contributions and discussion, you will also find an annotated international and local agenda of congresses and presentations, festivals and exhibitions on our site So check back every week.
Mediamatic is published in so called volumes. A volume consists of three cd-roms (11 euro per issue). Each cd-rom (for Mac/Windows) contains a special project made by an artist or designer, and the magazine, as an archival copy of our website. Ideally, we'd publish one volume per year but some times we're slow. That's why you'd subscribe per Volume and not per year.
So one issue would cost 11 euro in the bookshop. Prices outside The Netherlands can be higher due to higher distribution costs.
A one volume subscription is 33 euro. Companies and institutions are asked to pay 55 euro.
You can also order copies of previous issues, like Vol 8#1 on Storage Mania. (including the awardwinning Doors of Perception cd-rom, already a collectors item) or Vol 8#2/3 on Home (including the V.O.L.V.O. Airbag  cd-rom). Or Vol 8#4, the Religion issue (including Idea ON, a cd-rom by the Australian artist Troy Innocent). Or volume 9#1 The Secret Agent Issue with Family Files cd-rom by Mari Soppela. Or volume 9#2/3 Context Issue with OSS/.... cd-rom by jodi. Or volume 9#4 / 10#1 The Printed Issue with [small world] cd-rom by Florian Thalhofer. Order the complete volume 8 or volume 9 at the special price of 45 euro.
For the real fan(atic) we still have a few complete sets of back-issues, covering ten years of Mediamatic (37 issues).
We accept Bankcheques, Eurocheques and all major Credit Cards (please note that Bankcheques involve bankcosts of 10 euro).
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