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G E E R T   L O V I N K

Heidegger On-Line

Interview with Michael Heim

Amsterdam, November 2nd, 1993


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Michael Heim has been called the `philosopher of cyberspace'. Translator of

Heidegger and author of Electric Language,A Philosophical Study in

Word Processing, he has organized various American congresses about

virtual reality. He is a free-lance professor based in Long Beach, California.

Heim takes no critical post-modern stance and neither is he euphoric about the

arrival of new technologies, like many West-Coast hippies. He takes a pragmatic

view of technology as a fate that human beings must make the best of. According

to Heim, there is no standpoint beyond or above technology.We are imprisoned

in cyberspace and it is up to the philosopher to comment on conditions in this

Plato's cave. This issue of Mediamatic contains a review of his new book,

The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality. Michael Heim spoke at the first

Doors of Perception conference on October 30, 1993.

This interview took place afterwards at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam,

while Heim was waiting for a flight to Washington.

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