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the already infamous cd-rom by Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans ( jodi ) is the 6th cd-rom to be published by Mediamatic. The jodi's are currently on tour along the festivals and exhibitions throughout Europe. However you can always catch the jodi's @ home on their website at

In the meantime read what Paul Groot has to say about OSS/****


 OSS/**** is published with the printed edition of Mediamatic Magazine, Vol 9#2 the Context issue. To order Mediamatic Volume 9#2/3, including the OSS/**** cd-rom, just fillout the form or send email to



on wait

put the ticks into startTime

repeat while the ticks - startTime < amount

end repeat



on mouseUp

put " consists of Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans." & return & quote

put " regards the texture and syntactics of the computer software more¬

particularly as a visual­poetic fact. If visual poetry would still exist, jodi would¬

certainly be its most topical representative." & return & quote

put "The secret of is particularly the dadaist way in which the material is¬


Review by Paul Groot in Mediamatic Vol 9#2


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